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  • Description: The Alpha Chi Chapter of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Incorporated organized events during its Founders Week in the Fall semester which consisted of events of having an educational workshop about the Dream Act, community service at Casa Central, having an exploring Greek tradition events in which many different Greek organizations performed and gave a information about their organization, and also having information sessions about Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Incorporated. The fraternity participated in an anti-hazing week and during the week, showed the movie, Brotherhood, which depicted how far some pledges go to join a fraternity, but the purpose of showing the film was to make the statement that hazing is wrong and immoral. Another film that was shown was "19 and a Day" portraying how Latinos are pressured into the gang life. In the Spring, the fraternity organize an educational workshop called "Life After Prison". For Valentine's Day, there was a selling of chocolate-covered strawberries. The fraternity organized an event for Mothers' Day in which students showed their parents the UIC campus and reflected on how special their mothers are. The philanthropy of the organization is the American Heart Association, and the fraternity organized a "Nickel-Drive" in which $78 dollars was raised in change that was donated to the American Heart Association. The organization also has an interest group, Gentleman Making a Difference (GMD), in which the members of the interest group also hold events inorder to prepare the interested members of what Greek life is about, how to be more organized, work as a team, develop public speaking skills, manage time well, and to be more professional.
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